INVEsT in you: promote international traineeship programs for Armenian, Georgian and Moldovan students in Central Europe
16-19 November 2023

Sarajevo Tech StartUp Summit


All countries in the Neighbourhood East (NE) region face similar economic, social and geopolitical challenges. These challenges extend and affect employment, the labour market, and the VET education sectors. As highlighted by various documents, especially those from the ETF, concerted efforts are needed to address these issues.

Cedefop underlined how VET studies are crucial to achieving social and economic objectives and adapting societal needs. VET studies are essential to promote digital and environmental transitions:

stimulating and modernising VET studies would trigger innovation and economic growth, boosting human capital development and societal transition to increase countries’ resilience in facing the current crisis.

To enable VET studies potential, the didactic offer must be in line with the demands of the labour market so that students, once they complete their studies, can enter the labour market more easily.


The overall long-term goal of the project is to enhance cooperation between stakeholders in the VET sector in the EU and NE regions to unlock unexplored learning possibilities for teachers and entrepreneurial opportunities for students.

This goal will be realised through three objectives:

O1: Develop an innovative educational path to nurture and enhance students’ entrepreneurial skills;

O2: To develop regional and international capacity building by enhancing the cooperation among different social, public and private actors;

O3: To strengthen EaP teachers’ preparation, particularly in preparing students for international programmes and mobilities and organising non-formal learning occasions in their schools.

The project will include different thematic areas mentioned in the call, which are:

– Work-based learning (WBL),

– VET teachers/trainers professional development;

– Key competencies, including entrepreneurship;

– Public-Private Partnerships in VET


Teachers and students mobility - Teachers' job shadowing and students career orientation training: While teachers and students prepare for mobility, the host organisation and EU partners will prepare for joint mobility.


80 days long mobilities for participants to gain in-depth experience and knowledge in their field of expertise. Georgian students go to Hungary, Armenian students go to Slovakia and Moldovan students go to Romania.


International innovation summit and capacity-building meeting with strategic partners' stakeholders Teachers training on how to organize and support students in national idea challenges International idea challenge Final conference about the role of the EU and central EU in the EaP countries


in Szeged, Hungary and in Tbilisi, Georgia To align project activities and to discuss progress and next steps.



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