About us.

Since 2013 we have been working with our team to connect smaller and larger cross-border communities with quality initiatives that promote personal and social development!

StartUp Szeged is a local and human centered initiative taken to an international level.

Gyeek Club aimed to grow from organizing local gatherings, meetings, and educational activities to starting a green innovation-focused local ecosystem that supports youth and adults on their way to development. In 2019, the organization members decided to temporarily change the organization’s name from GYEEK Club to Startup Szeged as its primary aims changed. The organization works as a bridge between students, beginners, experts and investors. The mission’s goal in the past 3 years was community building, through which excellent partnerships and friendships have been established, and businesses and social initiatives have developed at local, regional, national and global levels. The goal of personal and professional development has been closely linked to the organizations’ programs in the fields of innovation, education, green growth and entrepreneurship.

With our activities, we promote an environmentally-mindful lifestyle that contributes towards protecting the environment and preservation and conservation of the natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity. Going green is no longer a thing of the past, and being innovative means thinking about our future!

Thanks to our fantastic members and partners, a unique portfolio has been created in the European Union, which includes Szeged, the Southern region of Hungary, the Western Balkans, and the Eastern Partnership countries.

The organisation aims to provide students, youth, and adults opportunities to build entrepreneurship, startup, or start a personal initiative. Whatever it is, Startup Szeged is here to give a space for development.

Some of our activities are…

IdeChallenge, HackMeOut, CABBAGE, Via Carpatica Vulcanica, local meetups in Szeged, training, youth exchanges, workshops, vocational education mobility programs, and national and international volunteering activities (European Solidarity Corps), events organised in cooperation with Szeged University