About us.

Since 2013 we have been working with our team to connect smaller and larger cross-border communities with quality initiatives that promote personal and social development!

StartUp Szeged is a local and friendly collaboration between two organizations,

who have been active in the community individually, but by merging their resources, they believe in a more purposeful implementation of their plans and multiple effect on their community.

The goal of the successful collaboration between MeOut Group and Gyeek Club over the years is community building, through which excellent partnerships and friendships have been established, businesses and social initiatives have developed at local, regional, national and global levels. The common goal has closely linked the programs of the organizations in the fields of innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

Thus, the cooperation of the two organizations is closely intertwined with an international team, whose resources, combined with both its local achievements and its embeddedness and international aspect, are a guarantee for the future development of the local and regional community.

Thanks to the collaboration, a unique portfolio has been created in the European Union, which includes Szeged, the Southern region of Hungary, the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia.

Following the two main pillars of the MeOut Group, we can easily categorize jointly organized programs that support each other in a targeted way to achieve common goals:

Innovation: ChallengeMeOut, HackMeOut, EuroAsian Startup Awards, Solidarity Breakfast, and meetups in Szeged,

Education: Trainings, exchanges, workshops, vocational education mobility programs and volunteering (European Solidarity Corps).